Company Profile

The company MoNo chem-pharm Produkte GmbH was founded in the year 2000 as a manufacturing company and has its roots in the traditional company Sigmapharm Arzneimittel GmbH, which has served the healthcare industry for over sixty years.

Our company takes its name from the Mondpichler-Noordung Private Foundation, which was founded by Dr. Herbert Pichler.

Mono chem-pharm Produkte GmbH specialises in the production of all types of liquids (sterile and non-sterile, water-based, oil-based, alchohol-based, viscous). Roughly 45 employees are responsible for the reliable, fast and efficient processing of production orders. Liquid medicinal products and medical devices are produced under EU-GMP and EN ISO 13485 compliant conditions within the scope of our own certifications for Sigmapharm and as contract manufacturer for customers.

All manufacturing processes are subject to quality control and monitored by quality assurance in order to guarantee the quality of the products and satisfy GMP guidelines and ISO standards.

Our success is based on our regularly inspected and technically optimised infrastructure, our actively implemented, integrated quality management system, which is continuously developed, and our highly qualified personnel.