Quality Promise

As an independent, traditional Austrian company, we place great value on manufacturing our products reliably and in consistently high quality. Doctors and their patients can depend on this!

Our path is not determined by share prices or profit maximisation but by the health of those who use our products. For example, this is why our company avoids outsourcing parts of the value creation chain to countries with low wage levels and possibly also lower levels of quality.

The position of the company with regard to social responsibility and obligation is laid down in our social policy.

High-quality base materials are purchased from qualified suppliers and subjected to quality inspections. Detailed documentation and validated processes ensure consistent product quality. In-process and laboratory controls monitor the entire manufacturing process and guarantee flawless products. Expert, state-of-the-art knowledge and the use of modern technology ensure that the quality of our products far surpasses the minimum statutory requirements.

We constantly invest in well-trained and highly qualified employees as well as in the infrastructure of our existing facilities. Compliance with the statutory regulations is also guaranteed by our well-established quality assurance systems.

Our quality management system encompasses the entire company (Sigmapharm and MoNo) and ensures continuous further development and improvement, consideration of partner and customer requirements and maximum customer satisfaction.

Based on regular inspections and official audits, we are certified for the manufacture of medical products, medications and clinical samples in accordance with the current legal regulations and directives:

  • EU-GMP
  • Directive 93/42/EEC
  • EN ISO 13485